About IBI Investment House

IBI Investment House is one of Israel’s leading, most creative and innovative investment houses.

IBI brings long-standing experience on the capital market and provides specialized solutions in numerous financial areas for tens of thousands of private, institutional and corporate clients in Israel and overseas.


Company Owned By IBI Investment House, Specializing In Non-Banking Financing To Corporations In Poland Against Liens On Real Estate Properties. Experts From Various Fields Employed By IBI Polska Secured Funding Sp. O.O. Bring An Innovative Approach And Extended Professional Experience In The Field. Jointly, We Created A Financial Institute That Leads The Non-Banking Corporations Financing Market


IBI Investment House is one of Israel’s leading financial institutions in the non-banking sector. As we approach our 50th anniversary this year, we are proud of our track record of creativity and innovation that allowed us to expand and diversify our business while benefitting our clients. IBI provides a broad range of specialized financial services to Institutional, corporate and private clients in Israel and overseas. Our core services range from portfolio and mutual fund management to alternative investments, institutional brokerage services, stock trading platforms, underwriting, trust management, real estate investments, employee benefit scheme management, business financing and more.


  • Itsik Cohen

    CEO and Member of the Board
    Itsik Cohen
    Mr. Cohen managed financial operations in Poland from 2013 to 2020 and has gained extensive experience in commercial lending. He was previously chairman of Maximum Poland, a firm that advised and handled the sale of Poland’s largest shopping center. Before that he was CEO of Matis Capital and served as board chairman at a number of group companies. From 1991 to 2005 he worked at Mercantile Discount Bank where he managed a number of the bank’s leading branches.
  • Amir Golan

    Partner and Chairman of the Board
    Amir Golan
    Amir founded IBI Private Credit department with aggregate AUM of 600M$. And is the managing partner of Israel's largest debt fund (IBI CCF). Amir worked as an accountant specializing in complex financial instruments at the Valuation Division at EY Israel, and before that Amir worked as a credit consultant at the Clal Group.
  • Ron Keinan

    Partner and Member of the Board
    Ron Keinan
    Ron Keinan is the owner and chairman of the Tzadok Keinan Group. He has been involved in financial investment in real estate for many years and serves as a consultant to both companies and individuals.
  • Dave Lubetsky

    CEO of IBI Investment House and Member of the board
    Dave Lubetsky
    Dave has served as CEO of IBI Investment House and as Chairman of IBI Portfolio Management since 2019. Dave has extensive experience in investment management for private and institutional clients and specializes in alternative investment instruments, pension planning and taxation aspects. Dave held a number of other positions in the IBI Group, including CEO of IBI Portfolio Management, Corporate and Institutional Client Manager, Chief Investment Officer of IBI Provident and Study Funds and the Company’s Trading Room Manager.
  • Iddo Kook

    Chairman of IBI Investment House and Member of the board
    Iddo Kook
    Iddo serves as the Vice Chairman of IBI Investment House and as the Chairman of Israel Brokerage and Investment IBI. He served as the Company CEO between 2011 and2018 and has been involved in various fields in the capital market for over 25 years. He began his career as a stockbroker and has held a range of management positions at the IBI Group, in the investment management and brokerage fields.

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